Natural Monascus Color
Application of the natural compound pigment series
Functional red yeast rice
Monascus mycelium

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Tianyi Biotech. Co.,Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise in Dongguan city which was originally called Dongguan guohong natural pigments Ltd., established in 1997. The area of factory covers 45 acres, fixed assets investment rises to 12 million. We have advanced equipments, detectors and perfect method of detection. We are able to produce 150 metric ton of Monascus pigments powder per year, and also can produce the Monascus(red yeast rice) powder and the functional red yeast rice. Our production capacity ranks the forefront of the domestic industry. We have acquired the National Food Additive Production License: XK13-217-00334, and also passed the Certification of HACCP and ISO22000: 2005 Food Security Management System. We are the provincial private technology enterprise which is strongly supported by the Don...

High evaluation of food safety for food addition and coloration [2011-4-18]  (click2040
Congratulation for our company to participate in the 15th Food Ingredients China 2011(FIC2011) and obtain the complete success. [2011-4-18]  (click1827
2010 year report on Progress of R&D project in Sino-Korea international cooperation [2011-1-7]  (click2245
Hearty congratulation on successful convening the signing ceremony of the Sino-Korea int’l cooperation agreement on Monascus R&D. [2010-8-18]  (click2622
South Korean renowned Monascus expert Mr. Jeong Hojin comes to our company for scene inspection [2010-1-14]  (click1995
A line of Food Fermentation Research Institute of the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry & Trade comes to our factory for inspection. [2009-12-4]  (click2070
The warm congratulation happens on the fifth anniversary birthday of our company [2009-12-4]  (click2041
The warm congratulation happens on pass and approval of our innovation funding project called <Industrial production of Monascus pigments with no citrinin by optimized craft> [2009-12-4]  (click2229
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